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About Me, Glenda Needs December 22, 2011

My name is Glenda Needs, and I am a tertiary trained and quite experienced art therapist and teacher.  I have had a long, wide and varied history in the art therapy world.  Currently however, I work for two days each week in Paediatric Palliative Care in a major Children’s hospital.  For the remainder of the week I head up Art Therapy training for a Higher Education Provider.

In all my travels, whether teaching classes, presenting at conferences, or even chatting to colleagues, I am constantly asked if I have written a book.  The answer has always been ‘no’. Despite this, I have written extensively, just not a ‘book’.

I have noticed many more books about art therapy in the last couple of years, than ever before. Yet, in all of these books, I have not found a basic student text book.

I am not a writer. Of course I write, but not as a profession, my profession is art. Thus I must trust that my passion, skills and general knowledge about art therapy will shine through, hopefully causing less focus on my writing skills per se, and more on the art therapy.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you here often.


7 Responses to “About Me, Glenda Needs”

  1. Michell Bown Says:

    I love your honesty and being able to share in your writing journey especially reading your personal insights & stories…Ah… this could be titled ‘Inside the Art Therapist’.

  2. Andrew Adams Says:

    Dear Glenda,
    You are the most amazing arts therapist I have ever met. Please write a book. But can you make it for the iPod generation. I understand iBooks author program, which allows you to publish on iTunes. I will assist in every way possible.

  3. Becky Nevin Berger Says:

    Hi Glenda, I heard you speak at the Art in Therapy Conference in Dunkeld in 2009. You spoke about the concept/phenomenom of sensory description as a means to bypass verbal language. You explained this as being a process through which we borrow from sensory experiene to describe other experience. This has remained a piece of gold for me! I refered to your explaintion in my honors thesis in regards to aesthetic language. I was wondering if you may be able to point me towards further information on sensory description as I am currently undertaking further research and this concept is proving key. Thank-you, regards Becky Nevin Berger

  4. Michelle Says:

    Hi Glenda, I am sooo excited to read about Art Therapy here in South Australia. I have been given your name through a friend and I feel that SA has been lagging behind in the past regarding Art Therapy as I enquired about this as a profession approx 10yrs ago and no-one had heard of it !!! I have been a stay at home mum for so long now I feel I have soo much catching up to do, tables have turned lol ..and what an inspirational and exceptionally reknown art theapist you must be…look forward to the day we can ever meet. 🙂 Regards Michelle Robb

    • Hi Michelle, It is lovely to hear from you. I certainly hear you when you say art therapy was ‘unheard of’ in SA 10 years ago. Most of the work in my first couple of years practicing AT I spent most of my time educating organisations about art therapy so they’d employ me! It doesn’t sound like you’ve lost your passion for AT, did you follow another path? It’s never too late to start a profession like this you know! Glenda

  5. Izee Says:

    Hi Glenda, as a new Art Therapy student I was really stoked to see your blog and read your stories (esp the sneezing one 🙂 ) Do you still write here and practice Art Therapy? Izee

    • Hi Izee, yes I am still a practicing art therapist and have been Head of Creative Therapies for a large Australian training organisation for some time now. This has meant I have neglected my other loves. I will be semi-retiring soon and will be resuming my blog posts etc. so stay tuned! Thanks for following!

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