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slowww coffee, chiropractor and a proof read January 30, 2012

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I made it… I made it… I made it!

Last night I printed off my copy of the book.  Well, the ‘unedited except by me’ copy of my book.  I am done. I might need to do some more adjusting and so on once my real critics have a read, but it’s out there. The first and last pages and the reference list is done, I think most of the pages in between are done.  The relief last night was amazing. This morning I had a coffee OUTSIDE, in the SUN.  (Not at my computer). This morning I went to the chiropractor who somehow managed to get my neck and shoulder and arm all back in the right spots after sitting way way way too many hours at the computer over the past month, (it feels SOOO good), and I am about to sit down with a good book (well, I sincerely hope it’s going to be good), and proof-read my first hard copy (as opposed to sitting at the computer and reading it for the 100th time!).  I expect the editing and preparation process will take a while. But I do hope the printing will be done by the end of March.

Of course, the book might be written, but now I have to sell it! I am going to do a short youtube video, organise some $4 mini interactive web-seminars in line with the book content, hopefully get a piece in the local paper and ‘innerself”, organise a website with a ‘buy it with paypal now’ button and generally just make a nuisance of myself.

If any one has any other amazing marketing ideas, I would very much appreciate your comments.

Thank you all so much for your patience. Your support has meant a lot to meant and really inspired me to keep going.

A new art therapy based post will be coming your way shortly.


6 Responses to “slowww coffee, chiropractor and a proof read”

  1. emmanuelle Says:

    It is GREAT!!!! we can also, all who buy your book, put a link on FB. I know it’s going to be a great success!

    now you can relax with reading and marking our assignments… lucky you… you are so blessed…

  2. Crystal Gaye Says:

    Congratulations, well done Glenda.
    What an achievment, in such a short time, I think your amazing.
    X Crystal

  3. michkrieg Says:

    Well done Glenda. You must feel very relieved. Can’t wait to read it xx Michelle

  4. Julia Nichols Says:

    That is fantastic! Wel done & congratulations! I can wait to buy my copy! I am sure it is going to be a big help for all art therapy students. Julia x

  5. Virginia J Says:

    Glenda, you are a STAR! Well done. Can’t wait to see and read the real thing!!!!

  6. Michell Bown Says:

    Woo Hoo!!!! So looking forward to reading it. Congratulations. x Mish

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