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What’s in your art therapy kit? January 17, 2012

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What do you keep in a portable kit?  What extras do you have in your consulting studio?

Please comment with suggestions!

Basic Portable kit

Paper A3 80gsm plain paper

A4 quality cartridge paper

A4 thin cardboard

Assorted origami paper

Chalky soft pastels

Oil pastels

Watercolour pencils

Watercolour wheel and 4 brushes

Felt tip markers

Fine liners (fine tip markers)


Cutting knife and board

Pencil sharpener

Glue stick

Masking tape

Glue gun and glue sticks

Aluminium foil

Pop sticks

Crafting wire

plastic cups

sandwich bag of dry casting plaster

lunch box of small craft objects, found and purchased, including beads, sequins, nuts and bolts, feathers, gumnuts, stones, shells

Marbling inks and tray (the lid of the box can sometimes be used for a tray)

White modelling air dry clay, plasticine or play-dough

Basic clay tools

Avocado stones

Lino carving tools

Paper towel


Tissues and hand wipes


Basic Studio consulting kit

All of the above and

Sand tray

Small objects for sand tray work

Paints –acrylic

Assortment of brushes and sponges

Old magazines, pictures, wrapping papers for collage

Wallpaper glue

Old telephone books

Clay and silt bucket

Sponges and clay tools

Small aerated concrete blocks  (approx. 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm)

Carving tools

Face masks

Linoleum tiles for print making

Blender, frames and tubs for paper making

Large construction wire and pliers

Rolls of brown paper

Scrap booking materials

Fabric scraps


5 Responses to “What’s in your art therapy kit?”

  1. Cindy Says:

    A roll of alfoil is great for making small models.

  2. bindiblacher Says:

    String, wool, cotton or embroidery thread. Can do dip in paint and splatter for abstract. Also the metaphors of story threads, weaving, binding things together…

  3. Michell Bown Says:

    How timely, I have been sorting my kits out today and great to check off what items are missing in mine. You may like to add hairspray it is great for setting chalk pastels, blu tac, rubber bands and sticky tape. Love reading your blogs….I am reminded of all of my own distraction techniques, now I have to add reading your blog to the list, :).

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