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Angry elephants in Feather boas January 15, 2012

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Ok. So it is now 1.45pm and it is time to wash the coffee mugs and pack away the laptop ready for our family photo shoot.  What did I achieve today?

I got through a lot of information about Mandala.  Mmm. Not something I am terribly enthralled by and that makes it hard work. Not because I don’t like Mandala as such, but because so much is already written about it.

Then came the fun bit.  Dreams.

  • Dream Work

    Dreams lend themselves beautifully to art therapy processes.  Once we fully accept that a dream is of our own making, then we can find value in examining how it came to be.  Whether the dream is a divine intervention, a message from the cosmos or an invention of an overactive imagination is irrelevant in this approach.  A dream has taken just some of the millions of possible storylines floating around in our unconscious, connected the dots (perhaps in a very haphazard way) and created a story. It’s out story.  We authored it ourselves. There may not be a predetermined meaning for this dream, but our efforts to understand it, will be insightful.  Just what we believe the feather boa wearing elephant to represent in our lives will say something about you and your world.  And it will probably be different to someone else.  Freud and Jung certainly postulated many sexual and archetypal meanings for the material in our dreams. (Freud, 2010) We may or may not find this information useful, but the searching will be. The testing of hypothesis: Could this feather boa wearing elephant’s trunk have some sexual relevance according to Freud’s theories?  Does the elephant speak of some Indian mystical  knowledge?  Or perhaps the feathers are representative of a tribal headdress? Actually, listening to a hilarious rendition of the song ‘Ellie the Elephant’ has probably gotten snagged in my dream state!  A dream has a foot in both worlds and may well reflect some of the action of our day.


    So there we are. I did it.  Several more pages and numerous cups of coffee down.

    Another update tomorrow!   Smile for the camera now.  Glenda


4 Responses to “Angry elephants in Feather boas”

  1. Virginia Says:

    I am so enjoying following your journey, Glenda! I feel excited for you as the days click over ( you are probably not!!!)

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi Glenda, Thanks for the countdown. I’ll use it to get my assignment done which I’m happy for you to read. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  3. Tricia Says:

    I am so totally proud of you. You are doing it/done it – and the photos look wonderful.
    You are an inspiration.
    Love T xxxxx

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