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False Productivity January 6, 2012

Filed under: Glenda Needs — insidearttherapy @ 9:25 am

Funny. I just keep looking at writing web pages, going to facebook, and generally using the most ridiculous excuses to avoid writing today. In between writing, I’m supposed to be having a holiday, a break, but the pressure is mounting. I have 25 days to get this finished. The printer, (although I am keeping my options open before committing to these people), is on standby and I have lots of people itching for me to finish.  Everything I read says it’s just a habit to develop.  Everyday.  So here goes.  Hopefully before the end of the day I’ll have something inspiring to post… see you soon then!


One Response to “False Productivity”

  1. emmanuelle Says:

    lol isn’t it funny how this is a kind of writer’s illness.. but at the end the book is finished eventually.. just the road is nicely floating and jumping accross all over so many places sometimes! where am I today? in Hawai? oh.. ok. Let’s go to the moon now.. why not after all…

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