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So, I am writing a book December 22, 2011

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Well, actually, I have written so much about art therapy for various audiences, for so long, that I have probably already written the equivalent of several books.  I am now determined to pull all of this experience and knowledge together to hand it on to others, as I believe wisdom and blessings should be shared.

So, this is my first blog, my venture into the new journey of writing a book, and a blog, about writing a book and a blog, and about art therapy generally.

If you have already stumbled across my blog, perhaps you can take the journey with me? Inspire me, keep me at it, give me hints and feedback.  And in turn, I shall do my best to entertain you and challenge you, and to get you thinking about art therapy.

Thank you!


One Response to “So, I am writing a book”

  1. Mia Jaric Says:

    Glenda , you are awsome!. I am so blessed with the Ikon course. Love for ever. Mia
    ps please inform me whenever you can about your talks or something very important about art therapy
    I will be very grateful.

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